HMOAB Launches New Website and Online Applications

The State of Hawaiʻi Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board (HMOAB) is proud to announce the launch of our new website and online certification system! This website, designed as a platform to share information about the organization by engaging and interacting with its users, has dynamic areas for news and announcements, information about the board, as well as an operator resource section complete with training resources, information about national certification and FAQs. The site integrates seamlessly with the new online certification system, which allows individuals to apply for or renew their certification applications and pay online via credit card. During the process you will be asked to upload any required documents – such as driver’s license, Hawaiʻi State ID, passport, or birth certificate as well as a current copy of your NCCCO medical examiner’s certificate or a Department of Transportation (DOT) certificate of medical examination. Our new system also allows HMOAB to administer new certification applications, renewals and payments quickly.

“This new system gives HMOAB the ability to receive, review, process and finalize certifications electronically,”  said HMOAB Executive Assistant Mel Chang. “We will save a lot of time and energy by doing away with the paper based files and process. This is part of HMOAB’s ongoing efforts to transform how we can serve our community and the residents of the State of Hawaii more efficiently and effectively.”

Those that prefer to file by paper may still do so. Please mail your application and payment by check or money order to HMOAB, Department of Labor, 630 Punchbowl Street Rm 114, Honolulu, HI  96813. Make checks payable to “Department of Labor.”