Make Sure Your Physical Exam Is Current

All crane operators certified by the Hawaii Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board (HMOAB) must also have a current physical examination certificate. You may be required to show proof that you have a current physical examination.

When you first obtained your HMOAB certificate, you had to have a current physical examination. However, it is possible that your physical examination may expire BEFORE your HMOAB certificate expires. In this case you should get another physical examination. This is covered under Title 12, Subtitle 7, Chapter 48 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules. See below for the rules:

12-48-5  Certificate required. (a)  No person shall operate a hoisting machine covered by this chapter without a current certificate except as identified in this chapter. (b)  Any person who operates a hoisting machine shall have and carry a current and valid certificate while operating a hoisting machine.  (c)  An operator must have a current physical examination certificate as required in section 12-48-6(b) at all times.  Such proof, must be submitted upon request to the director within two hours of request.  [Eff 7/30/12] (Auth: HRS §396-4) (Imp: HRS §§396-4, 396-19)

12-48-6 Application Process. (b) An applicant must have passed a physical examination that meets the requirements of ASME B30.3, Section 3-3.1.2(b) or ASME B30.5, Section 5-3.1.2(a), as applicable, and provide evidence of such examination by submitting a complete and current copy of one of the following:  (1)  NCCCO medical examiner’s certificate; or  (2)  A DOT certificate of medical examination.