Letter to Crane Employers – July 24, 2019

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July 24, 2019


Re: Revised List of Crane Operator Certifying Agencies

You should know that your crane operators must be certified by the State of Hawaii Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board (HMOAB) if they perform any kind of construction work.

In order to be certified by the HMOAB, crane operators must provide a current physical examination and a certificate from one of the four agencies listed below:

  1. National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO);
  2. Electrical Industry Certifications Association (EICA);
  3. National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER);
  4. Operating Engineers Certification Program (OECP).

The EICA was recently added to this list on July 10, 2019. EICA offers two ANSI certified crane certifications–Stationary Control Cranes and Rotating Control Cranes. The crane certifications are not limited by capacity and are intended to address the use of cranes in proximity to electrical power lines.

The Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC) was on this list but was removed when CIC lost their national accreditation. Under 29 CFR § 1926.1427 (d) (1) (i), OSHA requires that the crane operator testing organization… “Be accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency….” However, CIC certificates issued before May 31, 2018 for telescoping boom cranes and August 31, 2018 for lattice boom cranes will be accepted.

If there are any further questions, you can contact the HMOAB at (808) 586-8146 or email [email protected] .


Melvin Chang, Executive Assistant, Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board